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Structured Network Cabling

The design of wiring systems for voice communications has not changed radically over the last seventeen years. Bringing a telephone line to a user`s desk is a simple and well-understood task. However, changes in business applications require the integration of voice applications with support for data, graphics, integrated services digital network connections, and other services over a single, standardized cabling system. We are beginning to see the beginnings of this new age of unified multimedia in the telecommunications industry. For example, asynchronous transfer mode is knocking at the door--promising to combine voice, high-speed data, video and imaging applications in one high-performance network infrastructure. In contrast to voice systems, data communications cabling systems have undergone many changes during this same period.

Structured Network Cabling Tools

Get a free tool when you purchase a structured cabling solution project from end-to-end: premise cable, outlets and patch panels.

Combo Demo

Installers who register a project quote of 50 combos or more may receive one free combo as a demo unit. Combos come with connectivity modules, so there is no need to shop for components. Combos are great for installation in high-rise apartments and condo buildings as well as custom, town, tract and remodeled homes.

Product eCatalog

Online catalog is now compatible with Android, iOS smartphones and tablets. New products are CAT 6A UTP couplers, FTP patch panel kit with updated shielded modular connector jacks, front access patch panels, patch panels with feed-through CAT 5e modular couplers, 10G LC HD fiber optic adapter panels, CAT 6 no spline premise cable, enclosure with VDV structured wiring panel modules, and updated cable management rack solutions.